It is by transcending the illusion of her physical self that Estelle is working in Purity of her Higher Self in Love. Her work in connection with Atlantis and Orion allows Freedom of Pure Intention to flow freely within this realm of life.


"Over the course of several years of intensive training and testing in Advanced Courses of Sacred Teachings of the Highest Orders of the Great White Brotherhood of Love, Estelle has successfully mastered all initiations and training that have allowed her to move forward completely into the eighth dimensional consciousness.  This means that the Purity of her Higher Self is now guiding her clearly within her physical life while she is working diligently for the Highest Good of All.  She is physically working within the film industry and is co-creator and teacher of the Essence Course both in English and French.  Her powerful and amazing writings are through Divine energies which stir and open the Heart Center. Estelle is assisting the Brotherhood of Love in whatever capacity is needed.  Her devotion this lifetime is through Sincerity of Heart to be in Service for her Divine Calling in whatever way is needed.  Her openness through her loving heart is overwhelming to be around, for the love flowing through her is so very profound!  It is an honor to be her friend and to work alongside her in this beautiful life here, while experiencing the clarity, beauty and power of Divine Consciousness flowing freely between us."

"Estelle is working in Service as an Adept within the Great White Brotherhood of Love."

Sharon JS