Divine Energy has been freed on Earth. 

Freedom of the Heart will be given to those who wish to move forward on their Evolutionary Pathway. They will simply have to sincerely ask, and it will be given. This is a Gift of Grace alone. We are blessed at this transitional time to freely reconnect with our Truth within Divine Principles of Love.

This is permitted through the complete Devotion, Respect and Honor of a few who offered to live their lives in complete Service to the Divine Plan in order to reinstate this limited third dimension back to its original Divine Intent within the sixth dimensional reality. 

We are transitioning into this new era of the human evolution and the access to our Higher Selves and to Truth were reopened and cleared in Love. This is an immense blessing for all those who have been seeking to reconnect with Higher Aspects of themselves, out of the world of ego, back into full awareness and expended consciousness of their limitless potential in Love. 

Each are unique and FREE in Love. None is bound in karmic ties or pain in Love. All are Free to experience the Divine Energies of Pure Love. The Gift is here for each but each must choose to LIVE their TRUTH in Love while living their physical life. Each must remember each day that they are not the ego self but rather Pure Love and Light manifested in the physical form. 

This is the Gift of