In order to be of service to this divine calling one must HONOR their Truth each day. It goes beyond will, it is the utterly complete and profound acknowledgement of our nature and the constant endurance to embody Truth. Each day, one must stand up for their Truth and do what it takes in order to move forward and continue to grow in awareness and in Love. Because of fear of separation, we have lost our connection to what makes us Whole, Unique and Powerful in Beauty of Pure Intent. We have lost the meaning of Sharing and have completely given our power away. By doing so, we have given up who we truly are. It takes Courage to stand up for our Truth. It takes Sincerity and Devotion for one’s Heart to be opened in Love completely but there is no better reward than Pure Freedom in Truth of Pure Intent. Honoring your divine essence, your TRUTH, is the only way towards pure and complete healing.


It is through Respect of Divine Will that this Sacred Work is done. The ego self has played a destructive part for eons and it is not possible to move forward on our Evolutionary Pathway while wanting to continue to have control over our lives. Respect of Divine Directive and of Divine Laws must be observed at this time. It is also imperative to know and understand that no one has the right ever to choose or impose to another. Each is FREE, in their own rights, to choose whatever they think is best for their lives and how they wish to spend it. Respecting the Sacredness of this work is essential. Respect is essential in order to protect the work being done. There is only one way to the Heart.


By opening up to our divine calling, we realize that nothing is ever for ourselves. Each and every single action that we take affects the Whole. It is so very important to see that we are living in an illusion of self. The concept of ownership and the complete identification to the body is of darkness. The constant desire for ego to grow in money, fame and so on is what keeps us trapped in the illusion of our separation. This work tells us what it really means to live through the Heart by remembering that we are not one separated single being but rather part of a much bigger intricate whole that the mind cannot comprehend. It is with this understanding that Divine Co-operation becomes natural.


I live and work in complete HONOR, RESPECT and CO-OPERATION with the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT to assist in guiding others in reconnecting with their TRUTH for the GREATER GOOD OF THEIR HIGHER SELF IN LOVE and for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL IN LOVE.